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According to the Atlantic Monthly, which political organization's name means "conquest" in Arabic when read in one direction and "death" when read in the other?

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Answer: Fatah

According to David Samuels in the Atlantic Monthly, "the title that came first on his [Arafat's] personal stationery was head of Fatah, which means "conquest" - a backward acronym for Harakat al-Tahrir al-Falistiniya, the Palestinian Liberation Movement.

Spelled forward the acronym yields Hataf, which means "death."

Source: In a Ruined Country - How Yasir Arafat destroyed Palestine by David Samuels (Atlantic Monthly, September 2005)


What about the name of one of our, (in the Netherlands and about), banking institutions i.e. RABO Bank. Not spelled backward but straight, the acronym means robber in Chechoslowakian.

And Leica a renown camera brand name, in reverse it reads aciel, which means heaven in French. Another one: Our Dutch privatised Postal system will change its name from PTT/TPG to TNT, ominous isn't it?
infangthief at

Please don't pass this on to any Danish newspapers, OK? And by the bye, did you realize that "Allah," read backwards, is "Hallah," a traditional Jewish bread eaten on the sabbath? Mere coincidence -- or is there really a solid basis for mutual understanding?
jacko at

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