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It derives from a Latin word that denotes a "two-wheeled Celtic war chariot." When it entered English in the thirteenth century, it denoted "any wheeled vehicle." In the 1890s it was first used in the sense it is most commonly used today. What word is it?

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Answer: car

The word car derives from the Latin carrum, which denoted a two-wheeled Celtic war chariot. It ultimately derives from the Proto-Indo-European base *kers, to run. Note that the first OED citation for the term car-sick is from 1908.


I would guess that words such as "course" and the French "courir" also ultimately derive from *kers.
jack at

I always thought car came from the word carriage. I suppose carriage is ultimately also derived from the Latin word carrum.
easchoeman at

It seems to me that the "two-wheeled" part of the question takes it from difficult to impossible.
abramfam at

As always Moot challenges the mind an sends a fiery storm across ones synapse. Just to let you know that by playing Moot as a family our children have excelled academically beyond belief. My son graduated from College w. honors,our oldest daughter has been accepted to one of the oldest and most selective and elite Ivy League schools in the nation and is the valedictorian for her class; and lastly our youngest girl is a member of the Society of High School Scholars and speaks fluid Italian. They are all well-balanced children and enjoy learning;still as a family. Moot:Excelsior!

[Mootguy: I did not write this myself. Playing MooT is also a good way to quit smoking.]
nccshrine at

I thought this was a great question. Sure the "two wheeled" part was slightly misleading, but a fun quiz question ought to feint at some thing obvious. I love it. More like this one please. :)
vantolar at

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