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Idiom-wise, what substance connotes "permanent and indestructible humanity"?

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Answer: salt

As in the salt of the earth. In the ancient world, salt was considered indestructible, thus it was used to seal agreements.


Dear mootlist people: as language buffs, could you think of another phrase besides the deplorable phrase "Idiom-wise" Thank you.

[Mootguy: I use constructions like "idiom-wise" and "etymology-wise" because they use a small number of characters to convey a lot of information, and this makes it easier to print MooT questions on game cards. Note: The purpose is to give players a hint; thus, "idiom-wise" tells you that the answer has to do with idiom and "etymology-wise" tells you that it has to do with etymology. Perhaps, if you think of it strictly as a convention of the board-game MooT, it might seem like less of a solecism.]
mimimacht at

I thought salt was used to dry the agreement.
hibart at

To the ancient Hebrews salt symbolized hospitality, durability and purity. To eat the salt of the King was to owe him utmost fidelity. Eating bread and salt together sealed an unbreakable friendship. Jesus said if it lost its taste is was good for nothing.
jcvmc at

It was also currency. Soldiers were, at one time, paid in salt.
lejjjar at

Hence the word "salary".
clooneman at

In India, if you eat someone's salt, you are bound to be loyal to him or her – a betrayal of the debt of salt is the worst kind.
gayatriugra at

Salt and bread are the items displayed during a Doukhobor wedding ceremony.
stephen.ottridge at

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