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How many baskets are there in a Dodekathronon?

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Answer: 12

The word Dodekathronon derives from the Greek dodeka, twelve (from duo, two, and deka, ten) and thronos, high seat.

According to William Dalrymple's From the Holy Mountain, during the Byzantine era, Constantinople's collection of holy relics was the finest in Christendom.

"In one shrine alone ... were secreted the holy nails used in the crucifixion, the axe with which Noah built the Ark, and the Dodekathronon, the twelve baskets in which had been collected the leftover loaves and fish from the feeding of the five thousand...."

However, according to the Jerusalem Post, "An old Byzantine manuscript enumerates the Christian holy sites around Tiberias and its lake. The ancient text mentions familiar sites such as Capernaum, and the Jordan River, but also a hill called Dodekathronon (twelve seats), where Christ sat down and taught and where, as tradition has it, he also multiplied the seven loaves and fed the four thousand."

[Mootguy: If anyone has further info about the Dodekathronon - which is it: a place or a set of baskets? - please pass it along.]


Given the frequency with which artifacts are named after their places of origin or discovery, there is no reason why both would not be correct. Famous examples include Sutton Hoo, Rosetta, and Lascaux. For most people, the place names have come to signify the archaeological materials found there. Presumably, only to local residents do the places rank before the finds when the names are spoken or read.
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