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The word fiat is to let it be done as what word is to let it be printed?

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Answer: imprimatur

In Latin fiat means "let it be done" and imprimatur means "let it be printed." In English, the word imprimatur denotes an official license to print something.


I had it correctly. I know Latin. Imprimatur is used by the Holy Catholic Church when they see that a certain book or some other printed work does not harm Catholics.
philip3 at earth

...and, by extension, does it not mean an official approval to do something, a kind of "go-ahead"? (Not a rehetorical question.)
jacko at

I googled the term and apparently it can mean an official approval in the sense of "Sanction". Most sources gave the literal meaning (That is the latin translation of the word). However many sources also mentioned that "Imprimatur" also refers to the first few stamped panes of paper from a fresh pressing plate. These are reviewed and filed before the press starts printing in earnest.
placebo69a at

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