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What are residents of Cairo called?

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Answer: Cairenes

Egyptian novelist Ahdaf Soueif on a visit to Cairo:

" Right there, at my feet, the Nile spreads out in a shimmering, flowing mass. The water reflects the lights of small boats, of floating restaurants, of the bridges flung across the river. From the centre rises Gezira island, on it the lit-up dome of the Opera House and the tall, slim lotus of the Cairo Tower.

The scene is spectacularly beautiful, and over it all hangs the thick pall that Cairenes call "the black cloud". No one seems certain where it comes from. They say it's the farmers burning husks of rice in Sharqiyya province. They say it's Cairo rubbish burning in several places - two of the fires out of control. They say it's a component in the new unleaded petrol. It hangs over everything, but Cairenes live with it, because - so far - they can still breathe."


Cairenes, good night, Cairenes . . . Cairenes, good night
chuck at

My first guess was Cairenes, my second Cairoans. Is there any rhyme or reason to these -ites (Vancouver), -enes (Cairo), -ans (Calgary), -onians (Toronto), -ers (Winnipeg), -ians (Paris) -- other than custom or euphony?
jffriesen at

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