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According to the Concise Oxford Dictionary, its title could have been: The Inability to Cope with Rapid Progress; what book is it?

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Answer: Future Shock

The COD defines the term Future Shock as: "the inability to cope with rapid progress."

Those who created Webster's 9th Collegiate Dictionary would have entitled it: "The Physical and Psychological Distress Suffered by One who is Unable to Cope with the Rapidity of Social and Technological change."

The book Future Shock (by Alvin Toffler) was published in the 1970s prior to the invention of the desktop computer and the expansion of the Internet, etc. Sample:

"In the three short decades between now and the twenty-first century, millions of ordinary, psychologically normal people will face an abrupt collision with the future...ya...da...."


I'm 69 and enjoyed that book tremendously. Possibly that's why I'm still working and enjoying working on my computer. Also this was an answer I knew right away.
hibernice at

I am a middle school teacher. I would say a large number of my coworkers suffer from future shock...Thanks for giving me a good term for describing why we can't properly teach our students to incorporate new technology into their daily lives.
beacantor at &

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