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When I stand up to complain, am I repining?

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Answer: yes

To be discontented is to repine. The word derives the verb pine, yearn, with the re acting as an intensive prefix, similar to repent.


I'm not sure I see the relevance of one's posture while complaining. Did some people confuse "repine" with "recline"?

[Mootguy: It doesn't matter what your posture is, if you are discontented you are repining. I was trying to trick you.]
dana937 at

I now see that we are being asked whether standing and complaining is a subset of repining. I read the question as asking whether one needed to stand up in order to repine. Tricky.
james.t.wood at

Hi Mootguy! Since repine doesn't correlate to a physical position, I think the "stand up" part of the question is misleading, especially since repine and recline sound so similar. Or did you do it on purpose for just that reason? Anyway, love the questions, love the game. Thanks!
mharpool11 at

The 'stand up' part was needlessly obfuscating. I thought at first I knew the word but lost confidence as I thought about it more. Couldn't make it jive with opine, presumably from the same root, with the prefix ob-, yearn on behalf of, or have an opinion. Interesting question, as always. Thanks.

[Mootguy: My goal IS to try to mislead you by throwing in things like "stand up." The purpose of the board game — which is played in groups — is to provoke debate. These little tricks force people to clarify their understanding a word's meaning.]
tsimmonds at

I didn't connect repine with recline. I connected it with supine, which means to lie on your back, face or front upwards. I hesitated, wondering if the root "pine" in repine was similar to the root in supine. Great questions! I like digging around for the answers.
kas at

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