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In Greek the word strephein means "to turn." Etymology-wise, which punctuation mark turns away?

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Answer: the apostrophe

The word apostrophe derives via Middle French and Late Latin from the Greek apostrophos prosoidia, the accent of turning away (from apo, from + strephein, to turn). Note: The "turned away" aspect of the word's etymology derives from Greek rhetoric where apostrophe denoted a part of an oration that turned away from the subject at hand to address an absent thing or person.


Nice one. It reminded me of the word "boustrophedon," also using that "strephein" root: "having alternate lines written in opposite directions."
chuckdavis at shaw

I would like to have the ODLT to download free, but was interupted by a Windows update and lost the capabiilty to download is there any way I can get another stab at downloading it?

[Mootguy: Actually, it can't be downloaded. It's a web application. This means that you always go to the same location on the internet to use it. Just click the link below.]
glenyssmith at shaw

Fabulous web page. …. I can never remember this stuff, so it's always good to have another resource.
Jon Paul Henry, Dept. of English, Douglas College.

hi there - great game. played it here in Philadelphia last night. lots of fun. one complaint - why do you include people's email addresses in the online reviews? seems like a very 1996 thing to do... that aside, keep up the good work!

[Mootguy: I've been prefixing "x-" to the email addresses when I display them. This should mess up the harvesters.]

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