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In 1507 a cartographer published a map and a new feminine proper noun was born.

If he had chosen the masculine form, what would the noun have been?

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Answer: Americus

America is named for Amerigo Vespucci who made two trips to the New World as a ship's navigator (the first one was in 1499).

In 1504 he published a letter in which he claimed that Columbus had in fact discovered a new continent.

Note that like Europeans of his era, Vespucci used the Latin version of his first name (Americus) in formal writing.

In 1507, the cartographer Martin Waldseemueller published a map that designated the new world as America, thereby coining the name.

He used the feminine form of Vespucci's name because the names Europe and Asia were feminine.


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Finally, I understand why we're not Vespuccians.

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