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If one photo is worth a trillion hits, is one photo worth a petahit?

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Answer: no

One photo is worth a terahit.

The base unit metric prefixes for non-fractions and their US nomenclature are:

deka (10),

hecto (10**2),

kilo (10**3 or thousand),

mega (10**6 or million),

giga (10**9 or billion),

tera (10**12 or trillion),

peta (10**15 or quadrillion), and

exa (10**18 or quintillion)

-- where ** means "to the power of."


It used to be that a picture was worth a thousand words. Now, with Photoshop and digital cameras, spectrum filters on spacecraft, and so on, it might *require* a thousand words in order to understand the genesis of a picture.

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