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Which defunct Jewish sect's name derives from an Aramaic word that means "the separated ones"?

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Answer: the Pharisees

The word Phariseederives from the Aramaic p'rishayya, the separated ones.

They were famous for their strict (and, to some, sanctimonious) observance of Jewish law.

Note: The sect-name Hasidim derives from the Hebrew hasidhim, the pious ones.


The "separateness" refers more specifically to adherence to laws of ritual purity, but the "sect" is hardly defunct, as the question says. Far from being a sect, the Pharisees were the Jewish mainstream and the guardians of Rabbinic Judaism- to which observant Jews adhere today. The view of the Pharisees as sanctimonious reflects the bias of the early Christians, who naturally opposed the religious Establishment of the time.

Or those who separated themselves. Or left the mainstream. From the verb lifrosh which is used in our time as detaching oneself and demissioning.

I thought it was the Essenes, who clearly were the separated ones.

[Mootguy: According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the word Essene is "perhaps from Heb. tzenum 'the modest ones,' or Heb. hashaim 'the silent ones.' Klein suggests Syriac hasen, pl. absolute state of hase 'pious.'" ]
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Stay away from religion as it can be, and therefore will be, misconstrued.
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Speaking of mystical types, the Chasidim, as I understand it, developed as a reaction to sanctimony and the type of Judaism that could only be achieved by a lifetime of studying Torah, a possibilty hardly available to most poor shtetl Jews.

Now I want to know where Saducee comes from.

[Mootguy: The Sadducees (the Jewish sect that ran the temple) were named forZadok, a high priest in the time of Solomon. His name derives from the Hebrew sadaq, to be just. ]

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