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In Greek doxa means "praise"; what do you call a praising of God that terminates a prayer?

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Answer: a doxology

The word derives from the Greek doxa, glory or praise, and logos, speaking.

For example: in the Lord's Prayer, the doxology is: For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory. Amen.

In Judaism, the word Kaddish - which means "May His Great Name be Sanctified" - is also a doxology.


Hmmm...I always used kAddish as a prayer for the dead; kIddush is a prayer of praise. You say kaddish over a departed relative, friend, or loved one. You say kiddush before anything else, like eating, drinking, bathing, etc. But I may be wrong....

[Mootguy: According to the Encyclopedia Britannica Online: a kaddish is a: "Jewish doxology (hymn of praise to God) that is usually recited in Aramaic at the end of principal sections of all synagogue services. Originally recited in the rabbinical academies, it later became a regular feature of the synagogue service. The prayer expresses, in addition to the praise of God, the plea for the speedy realization of the messianic age." See ]
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Interesting; my church (Unity Faith of Christianity in Houston, TX) has a "Unity doxology", which is in fact a long prayer, and not just the end of a prayer. Should I point out the error of their linguistic ways? Or is there more than one meaning? (after all, "doxology" broken down could also mean "study of praise" as well and therefore be applied to a whole prayer or even religion, no?)

[Mootguy: Again, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica Online: a doxology is a: "an expression of praise to God." See: ]
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Close, but not exactly. "May His great name be glorified and sanctified," is in fact the beginning of Kaddish, but the word itself simply means, "holy."

[Mootguy: He or she is right. I'm wrong. Kaddish does mean "holy" in Aramaic.]

A doxology is a short prayer or hymn of praise that extols the glory and majesty of God. It isn't used solely at the end of a prayer but can be found by itself ie: The Doxology (Praise God from Whom all blessings flow...), or found at the beginning of larger pieces (Psalm 100) as well.
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