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According to the Concise Oxford Dictionary, its name probably derives from the Sanskrit word for the number five; what type of drink is it?

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Answer: punch

According to the Concise Oxford Dictionary, the word punch probably derives from the Sanskrit panca, five, "as the drink properly had five ingredients."


PUNCH! (from Sanskrit panj - indo-european *penque hence Latin quinque, Greek pente, Celtic coic/pump, Germanic funf/five, Slavonic Pe(n)t/Pjat)

Confirmed by William Dalrymple in The White Mughals,(Harper Collins 2002) page 410 : "Punch being of course an Indian word, arriving in the English language via the Hindustani 'panch' (five), a reference to the number of ingredients for the drink which traditionally were (according to Hobson Jobson) 'arrack, sugar, lime-juice, spice and water
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