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The word cryometer is to cold as what word is to hot?

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Answer: pyrometer

Cryometers measure very low temperatures; whereas pyrometers measure very high temperatures. The former derives from the Greek kryos, frost; the latter from the Greek pur, fire.


While 'thermometer may have been the first word that came to everyone's mind, it is not the best answer or even a right answer since what is called for is not something that measures temperatures but (to be parallel to 'cryometer,' that measures very high temperatures. I went with 'thermometer' but I recognized its inadequacy when prompted.

[Mootguy: Thanks for nailing down the distinction. ]
galesmail at

Thermometer works, too. Root is therm--heat--and -meter.

[Mootguy: What can I say. You're right. This is a weak question. Normally, I test them out at a MooT game before I send them out. I didn't get around to it this time — look what happened.]
coyote at

And here I was, thinking that maybe I'd gotten one of these correct for once. Pyrometer, shmyrometer
jpopelka at

Nice to get a slow ball over the plate for once. But don't ease up on the toughies, they're more interesting!

[Mootguy: It was a change-up.]
shyta at

Dear Mootguy, A friend who loves crossword puzzles, as do I, signed me up when she signed up herself. I must admit to eating humble pie when reading the first message not having gotten one correct answer, but I love a challenge so this is right up my alley. Also, I am very impressed with your online dictionary [Mootguy: [at]] and expect it to be a great addition to my reference sites. A New Fan.
abrogdon_2000 at

Just to let you know that I enjoy these little questions very much, even though (despite my public pretensions) I hardly ever know the answer, perhaps ESPECIALLY because I hardly ever know the answer Thanks, Annie Gladden
anniegladden at

Hey MootGuy, I enjoy your questions, try to answer them every week, but I do have some feedback, perhaps a little whining or complaining: has anyone ever told you how hard it is to read red on blue -- whenever I look at your site, the highlighted words (in red) are just dancing on the background (blue) and it is not many minutes before I get a headache and have to leave. I sure would appreciate your site a lot more if it weren't so hard on the eyes.

[Mootguy: Is this better?]
Thanks Reg

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